Conference Report Alliance magazine 27 September 2023

Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum 2023

From 11-12 September, global philanthropists and thought leaders gathered in Hong Kong to debate solutions to global inequity and pathways to a more sustainable future for all. Philanthropy, with its proven ability to catalyse change …

Opinion Chilande-Kuloba Warria 27 September 2023

Rewriting the narrative: The problem with problem-framing

Born near the slopes of Mount Elgon in Western Kenya, my upbringing was rich with stories that served as the lifeblood of our community. However, too often when it came to the tales told by …

News Shafi Musaddique 27 September 2023

Rockefeller Foundation invests $1 billion towards sustainable development goals 

The Rockefeller Foundation says it will invest $1 billion towards tackling the climate crisis and ensuring it benefits marginalised communities, as part of a wider shift towards sustainable development goals (SDGs).  It is the first …

News Shafi Musaddique 26 September 2023

Alliance magazine announces new submissions guidelines following diversity report 

Alliance magazine has announced new measures to address gaps highlighted by a new audit looking at equity, diversity and inclusion across the publication.  This includes improving the transparency of editorial decision-making, with the inclusion of …

Page Alliance magazine 26 September 2023


Opinion Neera Nundy 26 September 2023

Non-profits need to do a better job of nurturing talent

The India Philanthropy  2023, co-authored by Dasra and Bain & Company, shows that 41 percent of funders aim to support capacity building and talent development of non-profits. Through different initiatives, partners, and experts – the …

Opinion Charles Keidan and Elika Roohi 26 September 2023

We will never take our readers’ trust for granted

At the start of this year, Alliance magazine announced plans to conduct its first Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) audit. Our stated aim has been ‘to better understand how to further our mission to provide …

Conference reports Ndana Bofu-Tawamba and Ebrima Sall 25 September 2023

Get set for WINGS 2023: Nairobi

We are living in catastrophic times where situations are complex, and things cannot continue as they are. Beyond the crises, what new horizons can we create for our world? How can we reimagine philanthropy as …

News Shafi Musaddique 25 September 2023

Fondation Botnar joined by UNICEF and global players aiming to bring adolescent health wthin SDGs

Adolescents have been a “missing population” in global health priorities for far too long, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That’s according to Swiss philanthropists Fondation Botnar.  To address that, it has attracted ten global …

News Isabelle Gerretsen 25 September 2023

What philanthropy can do to narrow the climate finance gap

The latest UN climate report warned in March that there is ‘a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all.’ Scientists say that the critical warming threshold of 1.5C …